Ten tips to make the most of your fundraising page

Tip 1

A fundraising page with a few personal photos and your motivation is likely to get more donations! Take the time to upload photos that have something to do with you or your fundraising efforts. Tell everyone why you're fundraising. Most people will make a donation because they like you and your reason to start fundraising.

Tip 2

Before you tell the world about your fundraising page, it is wise to make sure there are already a few donations on your page. Ask friends or family members for a donation in person before you start asking other people. People like following a good example.

Tip 3

Put a link to your fundraising page in your email signature so that everyone you email knows about your page!

Tip 4

Tell people at your office, school, sportsclub, in the cafeteria and at parties all about your fundraising efforts! Why not ask them to make a donation right away? You can bookmark your fundraising page on your smartphone and everyone can check out your page on theirs and make a donation.

Tip 5

Make a Whatsapp group and include a lot of people who know each other. Make a donation request and post a link to your fundraising page. Be sure to thank the people who've let you know that they're going to make a donation. In all likelihood, the other people in your group will feel more involved and will make a donation as well. Come one, come all...

Tip 6

Your page has a unique QR code. Let people scan it on your mobile phone screen, use it in your email signature, or print it and put it up at your gym or local pub. Whoever scans it is taken directly to your donation page. Super useful at a birthday party, too!

Tip 7

It's really easy to make a new blogpost on your fundraising page. You can share these on social media. Make sure to post little progress reports for your followers. There is a lot of power in repetition. Status update examples are:

  • If you're competing in a sports event, tell people about your preparation.
  • Publicly thank people every time you receive a donation. More people will be made aware of your efforts and they'll be more likely to help!

Tip 8

Experience has taught us that the last two weeks are the most important in your fundraising campaign. Most people will donate in those two weeks: your big finish! Don't be afraid to ask your donors to give you a hand, because they want you to succeed and reach your fundraising goal.

Tip 9

Don't forget to approach companies and ask them to sponsor you. Your employer, a loyal customer, a trusted supplier. To thank them for their help, you could write a news update to give them a little exposure. Or you can include their logo on your page.

Tip 10

Not everyone you ask is going to donate right away. Be sure to send email reminders and a Whatsapp message if they haven't made a contribution. It's dedication and repetition that does it!

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